Where is my Life?

That’s actually a bit of a trick question: I know exactly where everything is, I’m just unable to do it all in the way I’d like right now. It is a delicate and frustration balancing act where a lot of things are utterly out of my hands. Fortunately, two weeks of Dream Vacation are coming, and after that I hope to have time to step back and reflect.

Needless to say, if you’re still here, there’ll be a lot more use of this space in the next few weeks.


17 Days Away

I have worked myself into the ground for the last two weeks, and I’m probably still not done, if I’m honest. Ironically there’s been very little professional development in all of this but more personal and emotional dumpage than I ever thought could be possible. This is probably why I’ve spent the best part of the last two weeks in a state of permanent exhaustion, and that I’ve stuck on three pounds.  I may have logged into My Fitness Pal for over 120 days, but the calorie logging in the last two weeks has definitely gone by the wayside.

I suppose you can’t have everything.

That means today I’m going to gym for the second time in two days, if only to go metaphorically sweat off the chocolate éclair I had last night and the ice cream that was consumed on Friday. After that I have a metric fucktonne of stuff that needs writing and a house that is slowly collapsing into ruin. Honestly, if I’d have known being a grown up would be this much work I would have called in support staff a great deal earlier, but as it’s just me? I’ll get there eventually.

This week however I do get some much needed R&R on Thursday, because I have tickets with BFF to go see David Arnold perform what I suspect is the exact same concert he did at the Royal Festival Hall last year, except this year he’s at the Barbican. I actually became a member of the Barbican in order to pre-order these tickets, and this will be the first time in six months I’ve had the time to explore the place. As I believe it is a location for a Bond Movie, there is added excitement to actually visit it. Of course, there will be pictures, because there are ALWAYS pictures, and I think I need some new headers for the website anyway.

Anyway, let’s see if I can actually keep up some non-gaming dialogue this week. Because heaven knows I need some.



Wrote my second paying post yesterday, and have just watched it deployed. I picked a quite controversial subject matter (at least in my mind) and I’m actually very proud of how it has turned out. What this proves to me is that my ability to string together a number of disparate subjects into a coherent post has really developed in the last year. It is an indicator of a solid understanding and grasping of what is a craft. To do this well will take a lifetime of practice. I also appear to have some PR work coming up. That’s going to be interesting.

I didn’t actually mention the details of the new job last week because I’m sort of waiting to see what happens with being paid. I should (I believe) get something for at least one of my Podcast endeavours as well, but I haven’t yet found the courage to broach this.  Once this actually happens I sense I’ll probably relax a bit.

Until then, I’m still not sure this part of my life is actually legitimate or not.



Not sure if it is the time of the month or not, but things are bothering me.

Paranoia can get a bit heightened when I’m hormonal, I’ll freely admit, and of late I have been rattling cages a bit harder than normal, but I genuinely think some people are attempting to unsettle my equilibrium. Therefore, I have started muting on Twitter again, even though it flies against my basic principle of blocking out the whiny attention-seeking wankers because even they have a relevance if you want an objective viewpoint. I’m also genuinely disturbed by events off the beaten track of my main feed, which I keep trying to avoid but which part of me thinks might be about to become a contention.

Why is it that people need stuff like this in their lives to begin with?

I like my existence quiet and without Drama. Despite what some people might think, you should never go looking for trouble anywhere, because down that path both madness and self-destruction lie. My Spider Sense of such things is normally pretty sound, and knowing what I have gleaned in the four or so years I’ve been hanging around the Social Media Circus that Twitter can often be, you should never, EVER allow yourself to get backed into a corner, or not think really carefully before you hit ‘Tweet.’ It is really easy to see why many people simply won’t go there anyway. I’ll freely admit that if I want to talk about myself at length it’s the last place I’m going to go. A lot of thought goes into every 140 character slab. Most, of not all of it now is very deliberately considered for exactly the reasons I know most people just don’t bother. Friday’s events show that some people’s view of the service is simple: it’s a disconnection mechanism.

If you really cared you wouldn’t be so fucking contrary to begin with.

Anyway, I’ve written close to 12,000 words today of total non-fiction. I really ought to do some of the other as a matter of principle



Unless you know what it’s like to live with a mental illness, there is never any way I can adequately describe how some days your World simply disintegrates. But it does. However hard you try, however strong you think you are, how well you believe you can cope? Some days it just all evaporates and you are left with a vast void that sucks you into oblivion.

When everyone is celebrating life around you as a result, it can get very difficult to function correctly, and you don’t want fuss or attention, you just want to get through to the other side.

Sometimes it is absolutely not about sharing everything with the whole World


Here We Go Again

Having a big, highly charged emotional day yesterday means that today I am mentally fucked. This always happens: lots of drama and excitement, and then BOOM down the other way I go. It doesn’t help matters that it’s been quite packed since Monday, and I’ve written the equivalent of a small Novella in terms of word output. I also have done a considerable amount of Gym work and frankly, all this together?

The worst thing of all is there’s a bazillion things I still want to write all at once and I simply can’t get anything coherent out of my head at all.