Saturday Morning #1

I am learning stuff as I go along, every single day.

Sometimes it’s practical shit, like the new WP control panel or some bit of CSS that I need for Blogger. Then there are the moments when I grasp I don’t actually require separate hosting if I’m prepared to concede on a few items of vanity here and there. I need to remember to keep backing stuff up as a matter of necessity, and after decades of using unpredictable and often ridiculously stupid hardware that’s something that comes pretty much as second nature. You can’t just be a writer any more, you need to understand the equipment. I miss changing typewriter ribbons. At some point I ought to go find myself a machine that still works, I’m sure Ebay could furnish me with such an antique. I wonder how you’d go about dealing with supplies…

I still do a lot of writing with pencil and paper. I can’t erase pen, so it is largely impractical for my needs. I don’t do it every week, but when I can I’ll plan in a diary the stuff I’m going to write for the next seven days on the gaming blog. The writing blog’s pretty much covered, I know where my plot’s going now with a measure of certainty that’s actually quite reassuring. I just have to write the damn thing.

This place is actually going to have a completely separate theme and layout. The money I’ll save on what was an overly complicated and pretty much pointless hosting platform for the domain is going to be spent on the logo I always wanted but never had the means or direction to create. I’ve got a fabulously talented artist on the case whose already done a piece of art for me, and as time allows I fully intend to get some other commissions planned and bought to fruition. I love the idea of someone being able to take an idea in your head and make it real like this, it is something I strive to do with words, occasionally with a measure of success. It gives me a set of yardsticks for where I’d like things to head and an attainable goal for the this part of the Journey.

It really is about who you know, in the end.

There’s a few significant changes coming up. I can’t discuss anything as yet, but it’s all forward motion right now which is fantastic. That’s what I’m aiming for, this way and not backwards. Always this way.

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