My car has gone in for its first major service since we bought it last year. The garage is literally around the corner from the house, so I drove it down there and walked back. It’s a really brisk day, and I rather enjoyed being out early on a non-School morning. It also shows just how quiet this area is when not full of kids, who (if my two are any indicator) sensibly remain in bed as long as conceivably possible.

Just over half a mile in 13 minutes isn’t going to break any records, but I’m happy.

Today I suspect will involve a great deal of planning. I need to push myself on a Podcast, prep at least the next four days worth of posts for the Gaming Site, and get the next half a dozen pages of Epic Fantasy Novel to a stage where I’m happy, because there’s still something not right about where I am. I can’t put my finger exactly on the problem, but I’d normally ‘publish’ today and instead the stuff remains stubbornly unprepared.

The extra hour at this part of the year doesn’t normally mess with my head nearly as much when we lose it again, but there is a lot in my mind for occupation and I’m not exactly sleeping consistently, so a day where all I do is plan is probably a sensible pursuit to begin with.

The best news by far however is that for the third day in a row my weight has remained on a section of the scales I’ve not seen since the 1990’s. I’m insanely keen to keep this up and, as a result, I think I’ll need to add something to my 13 minutes this morning by way of exercise tonight. I used to kid myself a lot when I was younger that little and often was productive, but it became apparent late last year that the only sure-fire way for me to get back to a self-image I felt comfortable with was to suck it up and push hard. It also helps greatly when I can see the process of what goes in as opposed to what I then negate via exercise. I’m using My Fitness Pal in conjunction with a Fitbit Charge, and I was amazed at the number of people who warned me against calorie counting as a viable weight loss method when I began.

Seeing what is going into my body has been something of a revelation.

I also entirely understand why articles like this exist: society has decided that ‘obese’ is a problem without actually grasping that body types are the way they are, often with no reference to the stuff people ingest. What I then like to point out the size of my wedding dress, and the understanding that I KNOW what I should look like. This body is what I remember was trapped inside my pregnancy weight, the one self-inflicted largely thanks to Belgian Waffles and Pizza plus insufficient exercise when I carried both kids. It was my own fault, and for the longest time I never took responsibility for the damage I’d done. Not any more. This is what I want, more than anything else. My life, back in my hands.

Sleep deprivation aside, this is the best I’ve felt for nearly twenty years. I’m not about to let that out of my grasp when I’m so close to my goal.

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