Earn your Crust

I’m going to go and walk for two hours after this cup of tea, mostly to be able to earn enough calories to have some (but not all) of the Green and Blacks Easter Egg I was bought for today’s chocolate celebration. The difference between now and before I did the Fitness thing properly is that I’d have not concerned myself with the issue of food in v food out. With hunger a Global issue, I think it is more than the right moment to consider what gets eaten (and what doesn’t) on a larger scale. As a result, I have already started looking long and hard at what I am going to be eating when this exercise in weight loss is done, and ensuring food waste is not something the family contributes to any more than we can easily prevent.

Walking is now part of my daily routine. I was healthy before last year, but now I’m actually doing it properly it is making a considerable difference to all manner of previously annoying niggles, aches and pains. Today, I’ll be braving the elements for a nature walk on the first decent day we’ve had for the last couple of weeks, and look forward to boring people senseless on social media with pictures of outdoor things. There, I warned you.

Annoyingly however, I appear to have one of the batch of Fitbit Charges that run without a problem for four months and then steadfastly refuse to work properly ever again. On investigation via the Internet it appears I can try and swing for a replacement if my e-mail begging cover letter is good enough. I’ll put that on the To Do pile for later.

Right, can’t stop here. There’s steps to be accrued :D