Time Shift

Today, I start a new ‘job’ which (as yet) doesn’t pay me anything. This may yet change, we will see, but what it does signify is an important step into a larger Universe.

I was interviewed for this position and as the person had absolutely no idea who I was save for my currently available body of online work, I can say I am reasonably confident I was given this position on my own merits. This pleases me greatly. I have worked long and hard to establish myself as a reliable and viable presence, and the benefits of this are finally beginning to pay off.

What this now does is allow me to start pushing in different directions, but what it also demands is that I complete the outstanding projects I have as a matter of urgency. I’ll get on that this week. Once I’m done, I think I’ll leave the business of production to other people for a while and focus on my writing projects.

On that front, I have some show notes to produce, so I’d better get working.