Blue Sky Thinking

By the time this is published, I’ll have been established as a co-host on my second US-based Gaming Podcast.

This is an odd feeling, writing at 4am, but in truth I’ve not slept properly since about 2am anyway, the nerves are far too raw. When I accepted this job offer I knew the deal was going to be every other week at this time, and actually I have very little problem adjusting myself to the shift in hours. In fact, I take this as a challenge that nobody else is currently doing, clearly because they aren’t insane like me and don’t take opportunities like this when presented to them.

Yes, this is absolutely an opportunity.

I thought long and hard when this call went out, about whether I wanted to be a part of something I found myself thinking was one of the more professionally-made and produced slices of Warcraft ‘entertainment.’ Part of my remit when I make anything is to do it to the best of my ability, and not to compromise on production quality, and I’m now lucky enough to be a part of two different shows where that priority is front and centre. In both cases, I pretty much just have to turn up and take part, which in itself is impressive to begin with. However, what makes me happiest is that (assuming I’m not being lied to) both my ‘bosses’ in this equation believe I should be doing this on my own merits first and foremost. No, I’m not someone’s mate, or a token trophy for the Webstream. I did this on merit.

My merits.

I take this development as a move into a larger Universe, because it proves I’m capable of looking past my own failings and issues to be professional when called upon. As to what happens next? Who knows, but this move is a part of a bigger plan to get myself known and talked about in a wider circle than the one I currently inhabit. I think the only real progress you make in life is when moving forwards. This, at least for me, is a significant step as a result.

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