I spent a happy hour yesterday using my own Flickr site to provide headers for the website. I’ve always enjoyed photography (as has been discussed previously) but I will freely admit I’m a lazy sod, and only have the iPhone camera with me constantly. Maybe that will change in time, I don’t know, but for the purposes of this particular exercise that still works pretty effectively. I’ve managed some decent shots with simply this, at least by own estimation. I ought to pull some of the stuff I’ve done off Twitter as well, while I think about it.

This should provide some much-needed texture to a site I’m now planning to keep attached to this Theme for a bit. There has been an inordinate amount of faffing to get to this point, and I apologise to anyone in the last few days who have seen a cavalcade of different layouts stream past. I was trying to pin down something that allowed me to put an emphasis on my new Logo, produced by the utterly brilliant Allison (who I know is reading here.) I think I’m now comfortable with everything. It also allows a large range of different images for a nice bit of visual variety.

As this becomes my daily braindump, I still feel the need to dress the place appropriately.

Everything therefore that you see used on the site is mine, permed from various online sources. It will also give me an opportunity to make my own headers and theme them appropriately for particular content.

That also makes me stupidly happy.