I’ve made it to Thursday and actually, gradually, the new schedule is beginning to fit into place.

There are still quite a few areas that I need to work on, but this transition to an exercise-based existence works rather well. I’ve begun to think about what I eat in a far more realistic fashion than I did previously, for instance. ‘Just a snack’ has stopped happening, most importantly, and I’ve grasped the realisation that I’m able to break the comfort-eating cycle if I take a step back and make myself look at why I do it.  Having the routine of logging my food may seen draconian to some, but it is no different than keeping on top of finances or not spending hours at a time playing games. Routines work. This is why recovering addicts end up being given mundane tasks to do when in rehab, because having something to build your life around actually works.

Today, I even managed to survive not being a good enough Grown Up to have everything covered in the real world as well. My kids weren’t totally embarrassed by me and I was able to communicate with a selection of parents without making a fool of myself. To top it all off I then had my Best Day Ever in the gym, earning over 800 calories of exercise.

You know what, I might actually be able to keep this up when I finally hit my target weight.