I’ve not actually written any Fiction for a while, and today I intend to fix this.

I realised before the Easter break started for my kids I’d kind of pushed myself into mental exhaustion in various places, that I needed to take a breath and step back for a bit. I’m still looking at the scripts for the last two Gaming Podcasts I need to do with a measure of trepidation, and I’m already booked to record a Podcast at 5am on Tuesday morning with another one at Lunchtime. What I need to now do is organise everything I was doing around the new stuff that I have, and I’ll be honest and admit that process is taking a bit of effort to wrap my brain around.

However, there is distinct progress on lots of fronts.

I’ve also upgraded my Fitbit to a Surge, which is a bit like carrying Hal 9000 around on your wrist, but has shown me that I’m actually pushing myself a bit harder than I should be when exercising. I don’t feel like there’s any issues as yet (not light-headed or struggling to breathe) but it will be helpful to have a better idea of what is actually going on inside my body. It’s also giving me reporting via graphs and pretty pictures that make me properly grasp that actually, fitness is going to be a real issue for a lot of people in the next decade.

I just gotta remember not to obsess too much about this too.

It’s a lovely lazy Saturday morning with no kids. I do still miss them, yet it is comforting once in a  while to have the Husband in the house and not to have to worry about being Mum on to of everything else.