I’m beginning to love the moments when I can lose myself in the world.

For the second time on a Sunday, I was able to go walk on my own around the place where I live. We’re very lucky to be in the middle of a busy city but in an area which is both quiet and safe for me to walk around without any kind of fear. I love the opportunity to simply lose myself in both nature and construction: there’s a lot of urban development around these parts right now, and it is fascinating to observe the business of how the new rises from the old. There’s also a lot of quirky in this area. I reckon we have more tattoo parlours and hairdressers per square mile than anywhere else on the Planet, and then there’s the church pretty much on every corner. It is easy to forget too on days like today how old the static population is, mostly because you don’t see them out until the weather actually is warm and not the halfway house it’s pretending to be today.

The Fitbit now allows me to track my progress on Google Maps, which is a thing for the geek inside me. It’s also clear that I don’t work nearly as hard when I’m outside as I do in the Gym, which suits me absolutely fine. I can still track progress regardless, and given the choice I think I’d rather be outside, especially on days this glorious.

I now have a ton of stuff I need to organise, and I’ll freely admit I’m much rather toss everything and just keep walking until my legs give out on me.