My weight’s gone back up. I’m going to blame hormones and an increase in exercise, and not get stressed about the fact that My Fitness Pal’s told me I’ve lost the same three pounds for the last two weeks. I know what the problem is, and now I just have to fix it. It will aid my cause considerably that the kids are back to School this week, and I can stop drinking so much tea. Vanilla Chai is currently my nemesis, despite the fact its kept me sane.

It didn’t help this morning I simply did not want to get out of bed at all.

With the Fitbit’s new reporting function, I can look at my heartrate and see how hard I’m pushing myself. I’ll do my utmost to get four days worth of Exercise under my belt this week (I’m out in town on Friday, expect many photos on the Flickr) and there will be experimenting with just how far I can go before I hit what I know is my maximum safe workout zone. I can even show you:


I didn’t really break that much of a sweat this morning either, and this makes me understand what I need to do to find a decent place to be burning calories. Things like this make me happy. This Fitbit is basically an enhanced heart-rate monitor, when all is said and done, but the GPS reporting I used yesterday when I went out is a lovely extra feature. I fully intend to use it when we go to the US in August, and I’m tempted to charge the watch on Friday and leave it on when I’m making my way to town… suddenly there’s a way to track myself from the sky that I can look back on as an additional layer to my exercise routine.

It really is pushing me out of the Gym and into the wider world, which is a Good Thing (TM)