Some days, it is hard being what I am. I failed at Mum today with some style, and I struggled to organise myself sufficiently to get any of the things complete I wanted. However, I did write three pretty decent posts on the Gaming site, but on reflection at least one could have been held back a day. My enthusiasm to share is beginning to impede my progress, and that’s a worry. Ironically, my fiction has refused to materialise with any kind of consistency, but I did at least make some progress on that front. From nothing, I now have 2000 words to play with.

It is at least a start.

The last week have been really hard on my personal space. I’m struggling to maintain a cohesion on anything, and even with lots of RL distraction I’m tired and irritable. I’ve seen a lot of stuff happen in my social media sphere that’s upset me far more than it really should, and friends have reminded me that I can’t change everything and I shouldn’t react to every criticism I get. They’re right, of course, but I forget stuff quite easily when working on half decent night’s sleep. Really, I could do with a Holiday, but I won’t get one until August.

Mostly, I’m in that part of the month where hormones undermine my ability to be confident in anything I do, and I just want to go and hide in a corner, except I can’t, because you know, LIFE.

Mostly I just want to eat crap and undo about 74 days worth of good work. But I won’t.