… has never been a strength of mine, particularly in those times of my hormonal cycle that accompany the arrival of the decorators ^^ Age has not helped this process either, it must be said, but once upon a time I’d not even consider sharing this with anyone to begin with. My outlook has mellowed considerably in the last decade, and if I have to go though this living hell once a month, I’m feeling less guilty now about dragging people along for the ride.

Anyway, menstruating reduces me (I’d say about one month in three) to an emotional ball of mush. This explains my reaction to an event yesterday I’d have probably walked away from and then returned to with far more dispassionate reflection, had I been able to predict that I was going to start bleeding within 24 hours. I used to be able to time eggs (unintentional pun) by my precision in cycle but now, as I hurtle inevitably towards menopausal DOOM it’s anybody’s guess what my body is up to on any given day. Men, honestly, however horribly emancipated you may feel at any given point in your lives just be grateful you never have to menstruate EVER. 

Anyway, I digress.

Thanks to hormonal imbalance I am fucked off with the notion that people on the Internet are

a) not allowed their opinion if it deviates from anybody else’s and,
b) Stating an opinion is now an excuse to open up a can of whupass on anyone you might pass JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH to do so.

It has come down to having to control EVERYTHING online to a point where you you can’t have a Forum without a moderator, you can’t post a Blog without Guidlines for response or indeed you can’t even open your mouth without someone jumping down your throat. I’ve just watched a fight on a popular ‘Guide’ site that frankly has made me laugh at the stupidity of the crux. What’s it about today? Taking pictures of your character online with an in-game camera.

There’s probably a line about meta relevancy here somewhere, but that’s not the point.

When someone makes an effort to produce something that other people believe is worthwhile, and if all you want to do is destroy it, you need professional help. You are sad and small and pathetic and frankly require your parents to take all of your electronic devices away forever. I know some of you people’s parents are in their 90’s now, but that’s not the point. This is not how to live your life. You should have been taught respect and moderation.

The World is in a whole lot of trouble right now, if you didn’t know it already.