I’m sorry, it’s been four days since my last post, but in good news, this time has been hugely productive. I’ve spent quite a lot of it arguing with people, if truth be told, but having taken some steps to remove a lot of the dead wood from my life the results have been… well, interesting. What this does prove is that some people are absolutely desperate to be part of your party, whether you like it or not, to the point that they’ll just keep talking to you regardless of whether you want them to. In fact, after a while, that just gets scary and stalkery.

Because actually, it is.

Interestingly my Social Media has begin to evolve under its own steam. I’ll take the time currently to deliberately unfollow the obvious bots and accounts who have no interest in actually reading or following me, and I’ll watch certain people arrive one day and then leave the next, only to return again a few days later. Some people come for a specific reason and then leave when they get what they want. Others favourite every word I say to the point where I have to mute them or all I see are my Tweets bouncing through my feed over and over again. It is odd to see all these versions of ‘following’ all at once, and I suppose this is what I have to look forward to if things continue to grow and evolve in the way they have.

As long as I continue to feel comfortable, I don’t mind at all.

I am also hugely grateful for my ‘family’ readers, which includes a great many of you here, just for keeping me sane. You do mostly by doing nothing special except be yourselves, which I wish more people would do… but you can’t have everything. I’ll do my best to not lose the people on the feed who I know genuinely contribute to my daily life, but I get that after a while, you may not be interested in gaming chat any more. Just because this has been my life since I was seven doesn’t mean the rest of you should or will feel that way. The key to consistency is not to make everyone end up as a version of you. It’s to allow people just to be what they are.

I’ll get there eventually, I hope.