Today, I was offered a job to write a weekly gaming column for real money on my chosen subject. I did of course accept. First post will be up on Wednesday.

Today, I also saw the worst in a number of people which came as absolutely no surprise at all. Because undoubtedly when you joyfully and spontaneously announce summat good happened to you, the Internet likes to kick you in the crotch. This abuse came in several forms, but all of it can, thankfully for me be utterly removed and is being so right now. This isn’t because I want to be just surrounded who people who care and understand. I get the world is cruel and heartless and wants to attack you at every step.

If you take everything I say and do as a massive personal affront I cannot help. I just *can’t*, you’re on your own. If this is how you survive, if you can live life like this, then I wish you all the best but honestly, we have nothing to say to each other. Not because I won’t have a dialogue with you, but I just cannot get through. You are not listening. You do not hear me, only what you think I’m saying. I don’t hate you, I have no idea who you are, but you seem to think you know me very well indeed. Except you don’t, there is just the belief this is the case.

This is no basis for anything at all.

Therefore I’m going to expend my energy on more important things and stuff and gubbins.