Wrote my second paying post yesterday, and have just watched it deployed. I picked a quite controversial subject matter (at least in my mind) and I’m actually very proud of how it has turned out. What this proves to me is that my ability to string together a number of disparate subjects into a coherent post has really developed in the last year. It is an indicator of a solid understanding and grasping of what is a craft. To do this well will take a lifetime of practice. I also appear to have some PR work coming up. That’s going to be interesting.

I didn’t actually mention the details of the new job last week because I’m sort of waiting to see what happens with being paid. I should (I believe) get something for at least one of my Podcast endeavours as well, but I haven’t yet found the courage to broach this.  Once this actually happens I sense I’ll probably relax a bit.

Until then, I’m still not sure this part of my life is actually legitimate or not.