17 Days Away

I have worked myself into the ground for the last two weeks, and I’m probably still not done, if I’m honest. Ironically there’s been very little professional development in all of this but more personal and emotional dumpage than I ever thought could be possible. This is probably why I’ve spent the best part of the last two weeks in a state of permanent exhaustion, and that I’ve stuck on three pounds.  I may have logged into My Fitness Pal for over 120 days, but the calorie logging in the last two weeks has definitely gone by the wayside.

I suppose you can’t have everything.

That means today I’m going to gym for the second time in two days, if only to go metaphorically sweat off the chocolate éclair I had last night and the ice cream that was consumed on Friday. After that I have a metric fucktonne of stuff that needs writing and a house that is slowly collapsing into ruin. Honestly, if I’d have known being a grown up would be this much work I would have called in support staff a great deal earlier, but as it’s just me? I’ll get there eventually.

This week however I do get some much needed R&R on Thursday, because I have tickets with BFF to go see David Arnold perform what I suspect is the exact same concert he did at the Royal Festival Hall last year, except this year he’s at the Barbican. I actually became a member of the Barbican in order to pre-order these tickets, and this will be the first time in six months I’ve had the time to explore the place. As I believe it is a location for a Bond Movie, there is added excitement to actually visit it. Of course, there will be pictures, because there are ALWAYS pictures, and I think I need some new headers for the website anyway.

Anyway, let’s see if I can actually keep up some non-gaming dialogue this week. Because heaven knows I need some.