Are You Normal?

A while back, I had to explain what I’d done with the last six or so years of my life to a relative stranger, and actually when you recount how this has gone down to an outsider, it sounds pretty fucking amazing. I was on my own, looking after the kids, and I decided to start writing about a hobby I’ve had for years, and after a while I was able to build a modest media presence in a small Internet backwater, which eventually led to me getting a paid gig. Okay, I’m not a millionaire, and it’s hardly going to keep me in cake and pies, but I started from nothing and now? Well, I have something.

Most importantly, I worked for it all myself.

It’s odd when you look at the situation in isolation, that this would be possible in any other Industry. Warcraft has such a gravy train that surrounds it, that so many people are involved on the fringes of game-play, and it is the rise of streaming and You Tube as an entertainment medium which inevitably has a part to play in this success. More importantly (at least for me) I’ve not actually had to prostitute my site in order to keep myself afloat or indeed try and justify the work I’ve done. I’m being paid by a legitimate gaming site, not using a crowd funded source.  A few people have suggested that I might want to set myself up with a Patreon account, but there is a part of me that cannot in good conscience ask people to pay for a mother of two pissing about on the Internet.

And yet, people keep asking if they can fund me.

I’m not sure how I cope with this at this point in my development. It’s like someone walking up and shoving twenty quid into your hand and telling you to ‘buy summat nice, darling’ and although that’s really sweet, there’s a part of my brain that can’t grasp how this would actually be fair. So, I am flirting with the idea with having a ‘Buy me a Cuppa’ button that allows people to go stick money in Paypal, which would pay for the hosting and that’s about it. So, there’s gonna be a fair bit of redesign around the Websites over the winter months and when it happens I think I’ll probably stick the thing up and then just leave it be without any ceremony.

I think maybe I ought to also think a bit more about how the World outside Gaming actually regards me.