Another Day

I have a lot I want to do, but ironically I don’t get much time to think about processes. However, of late I cannot manage more than four hours of sleep at once: I’m pretty certain this is hormonal, and as a result there’s been quite a lot of lying about in bed considering the nature of my personal Universe. This week, I have decided that we’re going to cut out all of the sugar, all at once, go back on a 1200 calorie regime and start Yoga again with regularity. It won’t help the by now daily hot flushes, but it gives me something else to consider and a routine I really need. Needless to say, people with dicks, you *really* don’t know how fucking lucky you are.

If the BFF is reading this I will be down to see you on Thursday, for some much needed R&R, even if this is the eldest’s 15th Birthday. The grandparents have got it covered, I’m only here for bus money and to wield the threat to confiscate mobile phone right now anyway, so that’s okay. What this does mean is an XBoxOne will be in the house by the weekend, and I think I might actually start faffing about with that and the PS4 starting in November… you know, rather than just using the games console as a DVD player for the Yoga disc. I have a real urge to learn how to play Halo, because it looks amazing and I think maybe I need to get lost in games more than just fucking moaning about them.

There’s a lot of other stuff too, but that we’ll sort out over time. Tomorrow the youngest gets her 11 Plus results and I think I’m going to worry about that a bit so she doesn’t have to.

Hey, I’m a good parent, me.