Kebab Features

I’m having a lot of thoughts about my online presences. I suspect that if I can find a suitable place, it may well be time to bite the bullet and finally pull three disparate strands of life together into one spot, probably some kind of ‘portal’ around which I’ll design everything else.

That’s the main strand of thought today, but there are others, and I’ll do you a bullet list:

    • My Bond Fan Fiction’s now being serialised daily. Go here to read the first bit. This weekend I’m gonna sort out giving that a permanent home, and possibly re-arrange some of the stuff on the Number 2 site, but this will then return me to daily posting in TWO PLACES \o/ After that? I’ll be here a bit more often too, I’d wager :P
    • I’m going to get paid to cover a Gaming Convention. From my PC. In Moose covered PJ’s. Go me :D
    • NaNoWriMo starts on Sunday. Here I am if you want to be my Buddy. I’m not tackling anything new but I will be attempting to finish to an acceptable standard an existing work to hit the 50k limit. This is the novel I firsts started in 2001, as it happens, and if I can knock that on the head, I might even try and pitch it to a publisher.

After that there’s a lot of wibbling about health and Menopause and generally OMG SO MUCH TO DO but really, I’ll be with you sometime about Friday when I finally catch up after my weekend away. Which was unbelievably awesome :D

This is just me making three posts in three different places in a day.