The Last Post

The old cliché will remind you that ‘you’re only as good as your last (insert thing here)’ For someone who writes every day, that can sometimes be a bit of a millstone, but what seems to happen for me is that people remember the last fuck up you made, or the last contentious moment you were a part of. Actual quality goes out of the window, and instead you’re peppered with the splash-back from your own efforts as they ping-pong their way around other people’s social media. It’s no big deal, when half the people I know are following me on Twitter never actually read my work, they’re just there for the occasional meltdowns.

I am aware of the people who actually read. I can count the 45-60 people currently devouring my Bond fiction, pretty much daily, for instance. I never stuck it up on my site to garner a massive audience, I wanted to see if there was an interest in my words outside of gaming work. I know it’s a good story, and it’s become my test bed for the possibility I could publish something myself and people would buy it. It’s also become a way of refining editing processes and my own writing style, and to say it’s a learning experience would be the mother of all understatements. So much good has come from this 47,500 words, mostly the fact I can put to bed my disquiet about how the Bond Franchise has moved since Skyfall. Because for all the posturing that’s happened about making the Franchise better than it was, it’s still basically about a misogynist who kills people, which is not a metaphor I’ve ever really wanted to be a default in anything.

At least in my mind I know there’s a better way.

Right now I’m writing two posts a day on the Gaming site during the week with a single post a day on weekends and it’s working quite well. I still only pull in ~1000 hits a day, which is nothing in serious site terms, drop in the massive ocean that the game I write about inhabits. However, there is fairly major milestone approaching.


All things being equal, I will hit one million page views sometime this week. That’s a big deal, despite the fact that at least a proportion of that will have been spam. I have no idea how to judge what was legit or not, but after nearly seven years of blogging I’m going to take the victory regardless. Because a million hits on the Internet is still nothing, just a bit more volume than the drops I normally create. What it does prove that eventually, everything adds up.

I’ll mention it when it happens, and then I’ll move on, because however much I’d like to think I’m popular and successful, I am only ever some of that at odd points. You only stay where you are by hard work, and I need to keep plugging away to make progress.

Every day still remains a School Day.