The Revolving Door of Stupid

This week, there has been a lot of stupid in my social media.

What amazes me, and continues to do so every time I hear a story about someone being ‘stupid’ on a sharing platform, is the notion that people think nobody talks to each other. I hate to break it to anybody who believes they can be a dicksplash of either gender, but eventually if you’re continue to be a twat assuming there will be no consequences? People will find out. If you do enough stupid the Venn Diagrams of interconnection will overlap in such a way as for it to be impossible to escape your own dumb. What makes all this so much worse is the innocent people who get caught in the middle, those who will have experienced the stupid in isolation and simply put it down to ‘one of those things’ before moving on. So many people could just do without this kind of stuff in their lives.

Yes, I know people encourage these situations, I’ve seen the dirty whispers and asides in my timelines too. I see you, rubbernecking over there as each new social accident rises and falls. It’s not big or clever to be the person who’s got an answer for everything. That’s why I wonder if it’s worth talking about what I see on any given day, because there are those who’ll accuse me of the exact same thing I’m telling others not to do. Mostly, I do this in attempt to learn something about myself. How do I perceive all this? What can I learn from the series of events that will make me a better person?

Slowly but surely I’m chipping away at the sculpture that is my feed, removing lumps and bumps to make a better representation of what people really are. Trying not to be swayed by pictures and assertions and waiting to see how individuals react when they think nobody is looking. That’s when the genuine character of a person inevitably surfaces. Not the big issues or the major discussions, but in the quiet times between the chaos. That’s always the best time to make your judgement calls. The people who ask if you’re okay when you’re clearly a bit grumpy. Those who turn up with naked pictures of your favourite Bond actor ^^ The people who apologise when they think they may have offended you, when they’re simply being overcautious. I see the good souls, and try and remember to make the point to everyone who is being great just the way they are.

Mostly I just try and learn. Some days it’s good, others are not. I’m not trying to make myself out as anything I’m not, and I’m conscious of people watching what I say and do sometimes for the reactions I give. Most day I’ll participate but there are those when I just don’t want to. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I don’t want to share. The trick with social media is never to give everything away, despite sometimes wanting to do just that. Learning limits is probably harder than being honest, if truth be told.

I wish more people would think before they post.