Zero Seven

Over the years, I have written a lot about my issues with weight. Only now am I beginning to grasp just how much I’ve been fixated over the wrong things. Diets are pointless, I have concluded. Fasting, paleo, all of this bollocks is taking away from two fundamental truths that relate to my life. If I eat too much, I put on weight, so I need to exercise. It does not matter what it is, and it does not matter when. The fact remains: if my calories in exceed the calories out? DOOM. Learning to understand where those calories come from and stopping myself from exceeding a set number has been the single most significant part of becoming the fittest I’ve been in my entire life.

The best thing I ever did on this front was be gifted the Fitbit Surge that is now pretty much permanently on my wrist. It’s prevented Asthma attacks, it tells me how much exercise I actually do and won’t lie, and it gives a motivational goal that simply did not exist before. The heart rate monitor is now proving to be the means by which I can finally eat what I want and ensure I’m doing the right kind of exercise to keep the weight from going back on. Exercise is only so good if it targets the right bits, if it actually pushes your body to burn fat. Having begun to learn about what the numbers mean on my various Apps and programmes? I feel more empowered, and I’m grateful that I can organise my life around gym sessions and exercise generally. Also, I’ll be honest, not playing computer games nearly as much as I used to is a distinct advantage on that front.

I know that my way of working is clearly having an effect because Mr Alt has bought a Surge for himself this week. I look forward to explaining to him just how awesome a bit of kit it is :D