Is It Real…?

I have a problem with the Future.

It’s not the lack of shiny silver suits or real working hover boards, before we go there. It’s the belief that some people actually want robots to do everything: you can check whether your current employment is under threat, and the discussion of what robots can do for us will keep raging on undoubtedly for decades. My issue is very simple: if you’re in a service industry? You’re not replaceable. Yes, I’m looking at you Banking. If you’re going to sell me online services and try and stop me ever visiting your Branch? That’s fine and great, but when I need to actually pay in money don’t get the hump if I actually want to speak to a real person. I don’t give a flying fuck about queue times, I’d just like to see my money be counted properly while I’m there. Yes, I could put it in the machine. However I don’t trust it, and that’s something you don’t try and work out of me, it’s a thing that needs to be accommodated. Because if you want to look after my money?

I shouldn’t feel bad because I won’t do what you tell me is easier. You accommodate my needs, not the other way around.

I used the counter service today, and I shouldn’t have a member of staff standing inside the branch telling me I don’t need to. I can clearly see you took away a staff place and put an automated machine in its place. I understand where your future is going, and honestly I don’t like it. So, I will continue to queue because that’s the reason I actually go to the Bank. You know, to talk to a real person and not interact with technology, because that’s not the future I either want or desire in my High Street.

Make it so I can pay money in at home and this problem goes away. Until you do, Barclays, please don’t think I want to bank quickly or efficiently. I’m going for your people, who seem to be losing increasing amounts of relevance in the game plan. Some of us exist in the Future every day, and would dearly love certain sectors of the service industry to not be so keen to remove the personal touch with so much enthusiasm. In fact, if you wanted to save our High Streets? There needs to be more humans involved and not less.