On Most Days

It’s never just about me. If I’m doing parenting even approaching properly, then I should NEVER be talking about my kids online. If I’m maintaining an even halfway personal relationship with my husband or a friend, that’s nothing to do with you. I am an immensely private person, when all is said and done. And still I share at least a part of myself 24/7. That’s all well and good when there’s the energy to do so.

But then you have days like today when I can see the pile of stuff to my left that I’ve promised to do/send/write/organise and it doesn’t move. Instead of just getting on with it, I procrastinate. I go MEH. I use Twitter as displacement, and that’s all well and good until another day passes and I have not moved forward. So, this is me, writing paragraphs to tell myself it’s okay. You can’t do everything, all the time. You can’t be that person. And that’s absolutely fine.

You know what matters most. Get that done first. After that? Be honest with people. Tell them the truth, establish that you’re not coping and then move forward from that point. Do stuff to anchor yourself to this moment so you don’t start going backwards. Then, after that, small steps. Most of the crap other people put in your way? You don’t need it. Just be you. Take off the harness. Think outside the box. Be confident you can cope.

I’m okay to go.

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