Work It

I knew this morning was going to be hard, but I wasn’t quite ready for just how difficult it was to Gym. Normally I’d record this after the day’s done and I’m over my goal, but today I decided to start the way I mean to go on.

The long term plan this month is to do at least 90 minutes, three times a week, with alternate days for Yoga. My day off will likely be Saturday, because it’s just easier with husband doing Hockey Umpiring. I’d like to up my miles a bit too, but that will take a quite serious investment in stamina training. We will have to see how things go. I’m also being particularly meticulous with my calorie logging, still allowing myself the occasional treat, but trying my utmost to remove problematic foods from my diet until I’m back under 160 pounds. I sleep better, feel happier and am generally far more productive when not stuffing my face with crap.

I think I may have finally released my brain from the lure of Comfort Food.

I still have 3000 or so steps to add from the afternoon School Run, and whatever domestic stuff I do in the day. Mostly, if I can keep this up for the month? I’ll be beyond happy.

If you’d like to join me on Fitbit? Here’s my details.