Standing at the Sky’s Edge

Ah, Yosemite, I woke up with you in my head. Such a good two weeks. This reminds me I ought to write up the days we spent going down Route 1 before they fade into indistinct memory. However, this morning I’m not going for all time readership records. There’s a lot of people here now, far more than there were at the beginning of the year, and I’d like to properly welcome you all. This is as close to my actual brain as you’re ever likely to get, and I hope I’m able to maintain both an entertaining and compelling experience in the weeks that follow. I suspect there’s gonna be a bit of diary, a smattering of world observation and an awful lot of blather in between.

This morning I have some actual work to do, insofar as playing an Alpha Game client and writing about it/providing feedback can count as such. More importantly I need to be out pounding the streets to keep the daily step total up. Not missing a day has become a badge of honour: it’s like logging into My Fitness Pal and recording food. I caved this morning and tried the scales and YES I LOST SOME WEIGHT which has come as a real inspiration towards me actually making progress. I know it doesn’t matter, but IT TOTALLY MATTERS, and yes, you can start judging me now. That’s absolutely and perfectly fine.


Mostly, I’m hanging onto the last vestiges of sunlight wherever I can find them. The weather’s looking increasingly dodgy, and I can see snow coming. Yes, the kids absolutely love it but I was never a very good outdoor kid to begin with. Snow is not my thing. It’s pretty and inspiring but it is outside and I am remaining in, and that’s how that works. I’ve never had any desire to ski. Looks nice, other people can play in it.

I’ll be over here with a cuppa.