I Can’t Give Everything Away

Today, I just want to talk to people I can’t. I need to open my heart to the people who won’t listen. I demand both clingers and the wastrels to begone, vanish from sight, be not those who take up my time. I lust after the unattainable, desire which sits just beyond my reach. I see it all, taunting in the vastness behind my eyeline, laughing at the hopeless inability to focus and commit. Some days, the words swirl, dust in a vortex of misdirection, and I can’t use anything with success.

Right now, however, I’m quite content with what I’m wielding.

A lot of this has to do with the calm I can command when I’m working. Previously emotional instability has undoubtedly contributed to vast periods of time with no words forthcoming but now I see not simply images in my mind, but the means by which I can describe them. Once upon a time those two things didn’t clearly mesh, but the focus is changing. However, as this happens, I find myself become increasingly exposed emotionally, which has caused some interesting conflicts.

This is also what transpires when I’m unwell, lacking sleep and probably in need of prescription drugs. Add to that Twitter’s fucked, and how will I ever know if anyone saw this to begin with?

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