The Long Road

This has not been a good week for me interacting with the World, it must be said. I think the phrase ‘hormonally prickly’ would be a good fit, and it has not helped matters that a particular game released last Friday has a predilection with breasts has been all over everything, normally with a double D cup. Now, before you start, I have absolutely no problem with female mammary organs. In fact, let it be said, I enjoy a decent pair of breasts quite a lot. However (and this is crucial) I’d like to be able to decide when and where I digest my sexual content. Social media, unfortunately, takes that decision making process out of my hands if the person posting can circumnavigate Twitter’s fairly basic ‘adult content’ filters. Also, stupidly huge game-generated breasts are funny, at least to a large proportion of the people I’m following. When that’s your benchmark?

Things are never going to end well ^^


Right now, quite a few people (with good reason) feel that gaming does not accurately represent the women in the room. Let’s face it, a lot of current life doesn’t actually even begin to mirror the diversity of the PLANET, let alone taking one group and presenting it as an example. Sexual preference is a big deal, then you’ll have ethnic issues… the list goes on. You can’t blame African Americans for boycotting the Oscars, but that’s a problem that the country the awards originate from has to deal with first, before any real change will ever happen. Complaining about breast sizes or butt coverings are easy targets for game revolutionaries, but it won’t ever solve the bigger issue that a large proportion of the Internet exists to sell sex in all of its forms, regardless of the consequences to those who consume it. You can take easy swings at the low hanging fruit forever, but until you attack the root of the problem? Nothing will ever change. The bigger issue from where I stand however is that as instant access to both information and response is opened up to more and more people?

It allows a new form of personal freedom that actually matters.

62nd Annual Directors Guild of America Awards  - Press Room

January 30, 2010 Century City, Ca. Christina Hendricks 62nd Annual Directors Guild of America Awards Held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza © T.Arroyo/

All those people who keep trying to assert their rights on social media are spot on. Yes, you do get to say whatever the fuck you want in your space, the problem then occurs when that space overlaps with someone who disagrees. That’s why communities and cliques form, and that’s been the norm since mankind came out of caves and got to choose who they lived with. Now everyone has choice, and makes their spaces, it’s all great until the majority of the population start to disagree on what used to be a societal norm. Yes, once women got the vote it became increasingly difficult to not pay them well, or treat them better. Having a preference to advertise to a group that wasn’t white skin, male and heterosexual has been going on for some time but the last ten years have seen that group get summarily shifted as the way the world consumes a great many things. Then the major trends begin to erode, and the larger population begins to react, and suddenly it’s revolution everywhere and I’m smothered by everybody’s breasts, because that’s what people want to do. You shouldn’t stop people from expression. You can’t tell them on their own feeds its wrong, because it isn’t. What you have to do yourself is adapt.

So from now on I’m going to put breasts in my feed that I’d like to stare at. Not mine, I do that every day. Only Mr Alt gets that privilege elsewhere, which is a bigger point for another time. Mostly it is about the understanding that however hard you try to stop something from happening, the very act of suppression makes that thing all the more attractive to pretty much anyone looking for a way to express themselves. That’s what revolution is all about, and if you want the World to keep evolving, there always needs to be that survival instinct front and centre. For every conservative prude that says that these freedoms destroys the tenets of established society? There’s a group of people evolving off in their own way not giving a flying fuck what anybody else thinks. The future needs people like this, and though I may get frustrated?

Feel free to keep your breasts in my social media.

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