Perfect Day

This morning, the BBC website tells me that ‘method writing’ could be the future for authors: getting yourself into the correct mindset by experiencing the same things your characters do. This actually made me laugh into my breakfast cereal, because I’ve been doing this for years, and hell yes of course it works. Unlike some actors who’ll go throw themselves in a frozen river or not sleep for a week I use multi-stimulus immersion as a start point, music that ‘prompts’ the feelings I need to work on my stuff. That’s why I put so much store in playlists: the music that kick-starts the writing process. Also, having a really good imagination helps to begin with.

I will also admit I don’t read nearly as much as I used to do, because I’d find ideas that I’d pick up would bleed into work and make me end up feeling as if I’d just stolen them from whatever was currently being read. There are many who would argue that this is not the right way to go about process, that you should be taking as many ideas as possible and then processing them yourself, but over time I realise this isn’t how my subconscious operates best. What now works for me is the rapid and continuous consumption of the news, current affairs, science and development, and this has become a better base ‘fuel’ for my work than any amount of literature. I think maybe because I feel the need now to be moving forwards and not looking back, I’m not sure.

My processes are not something I’ve given too much thought towards, and maybe that should change.


I’ll admit this week my major focus has been that green line and, after saying I’d not worry, of course I did. But, as you can see, there is finally movement. Tiny, frustrating, but still it is there, and what this means is that I’ll work hard again over the weekend to keep that trend downwards. My goal is 150, but I’ll celebrate when I hit 160, because this time I’m fighting a lot more than just overconsumption. My body is undoubtedly now slipping into menopause, there is no denying the signs, and I’m sure as fuck not about to enter that part of my life overweight and unhealthy. It is kill or cure time.

Men, you have no idea of how fucking lucky you are.

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