Aside: Broken Dreams

I’m struggling with the stomach virus that my daughter gifted me with midweek. My body’s also decided that the Crimson Wave’s deployment at this point would not only be apposite, but a challenge to see if I can cope with both simultaneously. Yesterday, I didn’t: there wasn’t enough energy to even consider my normal routine at the Gym, legs pretty much gave out on me, but I did get in nearly 10k and I will do my utmost later to repeat this today, because the mental benefits are beginning to outweigh the physical. Mostly, I feel I’m over the worst of both. Breakfast has been eaten and is sitting far better than things were yesterday. I may feel nauseous but I’m betting that’s less to do with my stomach and more around the hormones.

Mostly I’m grateful for having learnt to actually listen to my body after all this time.


There was a comedy moment at 5am where I got out of bed, lost my balance and fell onto my husband who continued to snore regardless. He doesn’t do me being ill very well, bless him, so actually having a day on my own to recover from the worst of this is no bad thing. I’ll potter, make a trip to the Gym for more gentle walking, and play with words. I also have some gaming tasks that are time-dependent, so I’d better get onto those now.

Mostly, normal service will be resumed on Monday.