Aside: Days Like These

Although I’m fairly confident the worst of the blood loss is over, I’m still horrendously dehydrated and quite light headed this morning. I managed a near normal hour at the Gym too last night, plus being able to go shopping with my daughter during daylight hours. In terms therefore of ‘normal’ activity we’re getting back to it. However, to give an idea of my mental faculty right now I’ve lost both Fitbit and the NaNoWriMo band that were on both wrists last night, with no actual idea of where I took off either. Once some kind of normality is restored, I’ll go hunt both out. It’s not like I need either right now.

Mostly what I require is to try and gain some control back in the house, and then I have a bunch of stuff on deadline. Once all of THAT is dealt with, I’ll be happy. Maybe I can get back to the fiction writing :D

Time to eat some breakfast.