Reality Bites

Everybody needs a reminder once in a while, that the World they live and work in doesn’t always operate in their favour. You can whine and moan all you like, but there are days when you just don’t get the breaks, and that’s exactly the way it should be. Yesterday, as it happens, was a fabulous day for my brain to get stuff in order and organised, and a LOT of problematic stuff has righted itself. I also wrote one of the most grown-up articles about gaming that I’ve managed for some time, which is due for publication today. I’m coming up for 50 ‘serious’ pieces on the site I work for, as it happens, which is small fish in my general output but significant nonetheless.

However, domestically things are an utter mess, and I need to try and redress the balance in the next few days.


I’ve also started weights at the Gym, which is a fairly big step forward for me. As a result my weight’s gone up AGAIN, but as I know this is that muscle v fat debate, that’s not a big deal. Right now I have to wait for deliveries but once that’s done I’ll be out in the cold, walking to and from my daily session. It has become a daily thing now, and actually I miss it and feel guilty when I don’t: this needs to become the default setting.

Yesterday was also fairly significant in terms of learning about my emotional needs. When I’ve had time to digest the consequences, I’ll let you know.