Status: Friday

Ladies and gentlemen, last night I fell in love.

Many of you will already know the Nando’s Churrasco Thigh Burger intimately, but it was my first time yesterday and actually, I may be slightly obsessed already. It didn’t look ANYTHING like this, I’ll grant you (and slaw was notably absent) but honestly, it was immense. AMAZING. Frankly, after 90 minutes in the Gym it was probably the worst thing I could possibly have done for myself but you know what? DON’T CARE. I went Mango and Lime, for the record, so you may stare dismissively at my inability to stomach Portuguese hotness for as long as you please. Even the chips were a bit like asking for trouble, because I am a wuss.

I can remember when Nando’s first hit the UK, and I was never really interested. It is only now that my eldest likes to live there whenever possible that I’ve been pulled into the fold, and actually I’m surprised at my own enthusiasm. I could quite honestly eat these all day and all night if given the choice, which is odd, because normally the notion of this kind of offering fills me with dread. The fact it is still meat is a niggle, because despite my love of the stuff there is a slow drift away from eating it all the time, mostly due to the realisation that the planet’s not going to sustain that kind of appetite long term anyway. Last night was 664 calories, if I believe the Internet, not including the chips and half a piece of garlic bread, so actually it is not disastrous in that regard either.

Mostly, I approve.

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  1. Nando’s is bloody brilliant. It came from the land of my birth (it’s actually not pure Portuguese, but originated when Portuguese settlers left Mozambique and settled in South Africa) – and it’s always such a treat to take a stroll down memory lane and eat some :)


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