Aside: Alphabet Street

I’m three pounds short of 160. We’re getting there.

Days like the one above have been a bit thin on the ground of late, but I intend to shove some exercise in every day this week. Mostly I need to spend an hour making compilations of music that work for my increased work rate, so I don’t end up listening to the same some on autorepeat about twelve times. As the weather is rapidly improving it will be time to get the stompy walk boots out and to put some hours in on pavements as opposed to treadmills. Part of me actually enjoys drawing pictures using GPS, and it occurs to me that with a bit of rudimentary planning, I could do something clever. Leave that with me while I consider the possibilities.


Walking to and from the Gym has now become the best way to get the extra steps in. This is of course largely impractical at night when time becomes the bigger issue. As long as I can exercise in daylight? Job’s a good ‘un, and that means getting better organised than I am right now. I’m also doing other stuff for the next couple of weeks on top of all this, which means honestly what am I doing here I should be outside now.

WTB [Better Organisation] PST.