Sometimes, I find myself wondering what other people think I’m doing. I shouldn’t really pay this that much attention, if truth be told: you don’t live your life by other people’s ideals, after all, it is all about understanding what you want most. However, when someone says to me ‘I don’t really understand what you’re talking about’ I stop and think. I write an inordinate amount of words on any given day. Most of this, undoubtedly, lays bare what is going on in my life. It makes perfect sense to me, but that’s only because I’m living in it 24/7. Here’s where the diversion takes place: if you’re only here in passing, after a while, nothing will ever be consistent unless you take the time to care. If you don’t care, you shouldn’t be here.

Mostly, you’re lying to yourself.


I’m watching an increasing number of people take control of social media, and it is actually encouraging. If you have this stuff in your life, then making it work for you is far more important than just following a bunch of people that someone else told you would be a good idea. What also needs to be grasped is whereas many people consider platforms like Twitter purely and simply as a ‘soapbox’ on which to ascribe your attitude on life? I use it as a long term writing and inspiration tool. That means a lot gets talked about that, if you’re not paying attention, is not likely to make much sense to begin with. Take the time to follow it? That might change, but I can’t push people into comprehension. I can’t make you care, and long may that be the default. This is not the way you forge long-term relationships with people, after all.

If the person really matters to you? You’ll make an effort outside of the words to begin with.


Here is where the measure of the people you’re dealing really shines through. Cudos therefore to the person who DM-d me this morning and actually explained that it wasn’t me, it was them before they unfollowed me. Shame on all the other people who never even think that far, that for them don’t appreciate what the ebb and flow of people from another person’s life can do. More people ought to consider consequences, but they’d probably just argue that it doesn’t matter anyway.

Actually, it does.