Broken Dreams

I’ve set myself a new task in the Gaming side of my life, and it’s going a lot better than I ever expected. The plan was to start effectively ‘cold’ on the US Servers and see how well I survived, as a means by which I could re-energise my love of the game I’m supposed to write about every week. As it transpires, luck has been on my side, and I’m coining it in pretty much hand over fist in the currency department, plus producing enough content to keep things active in what’s a very quiet period of game time.

Mostly, I’m giving myself a reason to be in a place where I’d have normally given up and walked away. I’m rather pleased at what I’ve managed as a result.

Doctor’s appointment is today, and once that’s done I can focus on getting myself better prepared for the crimson chaos. For now? I’ll be enjoying this renaissance in gaming fortune.