I’m largely arse about face this week, mostly because I’ve pushed the priority set around in an attempt to reorganise the way stuff happens. That means I’ve not written personal posts until much later, and I can now see how things would use to get away from me in the past. It’s taken a real effort to get my brain to focus on being honest, and that’s a shame, because these introspective posts are serving a rather vital function for my subconscious. Trying to keep the work/life/soul balance together is something a lot of normal people struggle with, after all. I just happen to turn up with a bit of extra baggage dragging along behind me.

Today, however, has been enormously productive. I’ve got the next few month’s worth of ‘work’ posts organised, a new opportunity has arisen that I’m really very excited about and tomorrow I plan not only to morning Gym and breakfast (which was hugely successful on Monday) but write the two articles for the Community Project I’m a part of. On top of that? The Bond vanity project’s moving along apace, plus there’s the old Fantasy Behemoth resurrected, and once we get into next week and the pressure is off a bit on real life stuffs, I can get back into my Novel. It’s not like I’m ever going to be lost for work, and I’m actually quite pleased at this, because then my brain doesn’t have the chance to start going backwards.


I went to the Doctor yesterday, and now have drugs in the event of a repeat of the last episode of Crimson Tide. I’ve also got a contact inside my Surgery for any further ‘women’s issues’ should they occur. Mostly, I feel better generally about sorting my life out, and my Doctor not immediately suggesting I take HRT as a matter of course. I’m taking a much needed ‘light exercise day’ too, just so I can get the domestic side of things finally sorted.

I have nothing bad to say about anyone today. I’m in a really good mood.

I could do with more days like these.

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