Part of my health routine, as the weather has progressively improved over the last few weeks, has been to walk to my Gym from the house rather than drive. It’s approximately 20 minutes on foot at a reasonable pace, and what this allows me to do is stick in a gentle warm up before I go mad. It also allows me to watch the world shrugging off the constraints of what has been a quite painful Winter, although (again) sadly we have seen no snow. The estuary climate does not seem to like the idea of dumping frozen water on us from the sky, but temperatures have been, it must be said, fairly brisk in recent weeks. However today, it was genuinely glorious both to and from, and I can see a time where I’ll not only be able to lose the gloves and snood, but the coat will be redundant too.

Spring is most definitely on the way.


I got on the scales this morning and was the same weight as I was when I last did this. Considering what’s been consumed in the intervening period, this is something of an achievement. I’m not knocking it, my plan to not eat until AFTER I exercise in the morning appears to be bearing fruit, and I do feel a lot better overall. More importantly I am sleeping for longer and without interruption, so all told I don’t want to stop what appears to be developing into a winning formula. I have a day off tomorrow, but I’ll be back to it on Saturday. I think I might even skip the lie in and go early if the weather is as good as this.

It’s true what they say about sunshine transforming your outlook. I’m looking forward to longer days and more energy, and I’m intending to make the most of both.

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