The Same Old Song

I decided a while ago I was going to make a daily ‘inspirational’ Twitter account. The current crop annoy the living daylights out of me, because in 90% of cases they’re simply an excuse for an automated bot to spam the same 20 quotes with ridiculous click-bait links to websites full of stupid time-wasting surveys. I decided I’d do the art myself: fortunately for me, I have a near infinite supply of backdrops because I’m using That Game as my focus. In fact, it is the hugely negative connotations that Warcraft has dragged into my life in the last year that finally pushed me into action, because I’m fucking sick to death of those who think they can beat others down with the same ridiculous rhetoric and a selection of sock puppet accounts. As each new Troll has appeared I’ve not gotten angry and disillusioned, I’ve become more determined not to let these fuckers win.

It took less than 24 hours for the first sock to be stuffed and bile to be launched. The glee at which I was able to dismiss this was a surprise, and yet I know this is only the start, because as soon as people think they have a way to upset you? They’ll just keep going. Except, however good you people think you are at trying to bend me to your will? Not gonna happen. NEVER gonna happen, not now or at any point in the future, and let me tell you why. I’m not afraid of you. You don’t get to scare, or threaten, or indeed do anything that ruins what is the best thing that ever happened to my gaming existence. Warcraft literally saved my life, and if you honestly believe that I’d going to let anyone destroy what is still the most important thing I’ve achieved in my time on this planet?


I watch people get run off Twitter all the time. I see people leave and return with frightening regularity. What I don’t see enough of is people standing up for themselves and having the confidence of their convictions. That’s what my daily set of motivational quotes is here for. Feel free to call me stupid and pointless, but unless you’ve understood how some days you can’t do things alone? If you’re too big and proud to ask for help? You’ll not understand. I don’t expect you to. If you attempt to derail me, I will simply become more determined. If you expect me to make you news? You’re being blocked and ignored and on we go.

Mostly, I get to be the one who decides how this works, because I made the Thing, and therefore I get to control it. If you don’t like women drivers?



There’s an important coda to add to this as well: I didn’t think of this idea first. I’m hardly re-inventing the Wheel, but I’m already aware that this well-meaning move could put other people’s noses out of joint. The problem with doing what you want is, inevitably, someone assumes you’re doing it out of spite or to somehow belittle their intentions. I think there’s space for everybody to exist together in the World, and to dance to the peculiar beat of their own songs. I’m not here to upset or supersede, I’m just attempting to help in a way I can now do with confidence.

After all, if enough people make a noise, eventually people might just listen.