Long Distance

It has been a hard couple of days on the brain. This is because, as a result of last week, my subconscious has gone into full on righteous indignation mode over how badly the female roles in Spectre were utilised, and How I Would Do Better as a result. There’s also quite a bit of unintended comedy appeared along the way, which has sent the subconscious into hyperactivity mode. Add a cold and hormones and frankly? The last time I slept properly was Monday. I need a decent night’s sleep, but it’s not happening just yet. I’ve got 25k words worth of wish fulfilment under my belt and frankly? Not even started yet.

I’ve also got a ton of grown up things I want to write about and now have to make time for. Needless to say, that quiet and uneventful Easter break I was hoping for isn’t happening this year.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.