Feeling Good

Today I begin #28FitDays, which is my plan to finally shift some weight and get my body into a whole new place in terms of shape and tone. The fact it begins on the 28th is something of a happy accident, and the next four weeks will see me trying to attain some goals which, let’s face it, are hardly earth shattering:

  • Make sure I do 12k steps EVERY DAY (as you can see above, I’ve missed six days thus far in March
  • Even though it will pain me greatly, I will keep to a strict and regimented calorie intake. NO CHOCOLATE OR CAKE (insert sadface here)
  • An attempt to attack my waistline, which is the only part of my body currently not actively targeted.

I also plan to try and do a couple of high step days in all of this: in the back of my mind I’m looking at 40k steps (which is my next Fitbit badge) and wondering if I can plan a suitable day to crack that. There’s an addition too: I intend to start using Zwift, which I’ve spoken about before, and Mr Alt has kindly fixed the shed so I will be able to use his bike on which to train. That is an experience that I’d like to at least try, so expect some reports on this as time goes on.

Mostly, this is me pushing the fitness up a gear. After all, if you don’t keep setting goals, life can get a bit predictable :D