This morning, a tweet sent me down a rabbit hole.

I took one look at this and freaked, because not only is it a) funny  and b) probably more accurate than I’d care to admit? It made me think of Q, stuck underground in his Spectre brick lair. Then I had a moment: where is my current fiction actually set?

I know what it looks like, but where IS IT?

This sent me on a task: I know where Duet takes place, have a fairly strong mental picture of the Barracks I set up for that, I just never really planned it out. I used what I knew and was shown in Skyfall and understand that the prisoner containment system was moved outside London after Silva showed how easy it was to bypass (which is addressed quite early on in my proceedings.) The rest? Well it’s actually fairly nebulous and I’d like to use that ‘set’ quite a bit in Default. Except now it isn’t. I have a plan.

This is going to get planned TO DEATH, people, because I suddenly need to know where the vending machine is, which is Ronni’s favourite space in the sleeping quarters.

Don’t ever give me ideas. I can be REALLY dangerous. :D

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