Not a Job

I am not here to start a fight, despite what some of you may believe. When something pisses me off (as it has both yesterday and today) I am faced with a choice: do I open my mouth, or is it better to remain silent. When I see somebody post a story that I interpret in a completely different fashion to them, what is the modern protocol? Is it simpler to smile, nod and move on, or do you stand up and point out the hypocrisy you perceive? At what point is it actually wise to complain when your ire’s hardly relevant in the bigger picture?

You only understand aggrieved properly when you’ve stood on both sides of the definition. It is the time it takes to actually get there that can make a difference, too: if you are placed in the situation where drama’s never a problem, how will you ever know how to deal with it when the moment arrives? Speaking your mind’s a good way to expedite that wait time, take it from someone who knows. Honesty’s hard work for many, and it is no surprise when you look at what you have to lose when everything is on the table at once. However, the benefits (at least for me) outweigh the downfalls. This is the moment where I wheel out the phrase ‘I’m too old for all this shit’ and just absorb the consequences.

It’s taken a while to get here, but now I’ve arrived? Worthwhile journey.


Nobody says you have to like me. That’s okay, that goes both ways too. However, if I am forced to caveat and reinforce the point that I’m not actually having a pop at you personally? You can cut me a fucking break. Respect should not have to be fought for nearly as much as it is on the Internet, but if you’re the kind of person in Real Life who doesn’t think or give a damn about anybody except yourself? Yeah, that’s likely to leech over into the Online World as well, on reflection. At least in here I get to use lovely sparkly pictures to demonstrate how much of a twat you are.

Maybe the Internet does have some uses after all.

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