Ballad of the Mighty I

The particular subset of the Gaming Community in which I choose to ply my trade of late’s having a bit of a moment, and there is a LOT of stupid about. As a result, I’ve felt the need to stand up and expound some opinions which, if I’d previously announced them, would have resulted in my career taking a quite different path to the one it now follows. As it transpires, the abuse I’ve garnered has been surprisingly mild and often ludicrous in both simplicity and intent. What I’ve discovered in the last year is quite simple:

  • Some abusers decide to try and guilt you into apologising, by casting the assertion that your own opinion cannot be correct because it isn’t what they believe.
  • Some decide that because you’re publicly expressing an opinion this gives them an automatic right to object and abuse you in return.
  • Some people are entitled fucking cockwombles.

Of course, I could do this without the name calling and the anger, and make myself so much better than the people who I am ‘fighting’ but that would presume initially that I have a concern for them to begin with. I don’t care unless you do. That’s how I’ve started dealing with all my communications with people who I don’t know, and the methodology is surprisingly effective. If your first action when confronting me is to hit straight to my crotch? Then that’s where I’m following up.

However, should you begin your conversation with ‘wow someone’s got you quite upset, you wanna explain why that is?’ then we may find there’s more to out relationship than simply you turning up and beating me about the head. My passion in writing is placed for good reason. That’s part of the process of you understanding me. If I decide I want to make a point clearly? I’ll normally not have to rant. It’s as much about you grasping my modus operandi than anything else, because I don’t do this for your benefit.

That’s also a crucial point many people overlook.


I laughed heartily yesterday when one of my regular team of Trolls tried to bait me with the ‘you’re the problem, you won’t ever get rid of me’ Joker yesterday. Yup, I am ABSOLUTELY YOUR PROBLEM because however hard you try, I won’t go away. So, you have two choices: continue to waste both time and effort in your lame attempts to intimidate me, or… oh yeah, you don’t ever give up, do you, because I am the detritus of the Universe that must be totally eliminated. So, you continue having fun with that, because I’m not going anywhere. You won’t see me posting the ‘I’m tired, had enough’ blog posts. You won’t run me off any social media platform any time soon, not when I’ve just got started.

In fact, the harder you try, the stronger I get, because I’ve been pissed on by wankers like you for 40 years now and it only hardens the determination to keep going. Here I am, doing just that. Well done in wasting YOUR time in trying to deflect me, because I’m going to carry on doing this regardless of you and everybody else. What you see as injustice I embrace as liberation. Words are my weapons, and I wield them now with a confidence your ineffective abuse will never disarm or destroy.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.