Another Spring

It went surprisingly well, over the weekend. I’d expected a lot more grief when actually, the migration of my sites has gone surprisingly smoothly. It’s now possible for me to see all three sites stats together, and have a realistic chance of being able to build some consistency between spheres of my life. Mostly, I now have a mobile platform that operates correctly, which is absolutely VITAL if I expect people to keep reading in the future. I only have to sit on a train nowadays to understand how significant that platform has become to growth.

Mostly, I am happy with the way everything has worked out thus far, though there is a PHENOMENAL amount of back end work required to get this whole thing up and running the way I want it. No matter, if this is going to happen, I can’t afford to get anybody else to do it. That’s the key in all of this, the understanding that I’m the one driving the bus, that I have truly become the Mistress of my own destiny. So if I don’t do it? Nobody else will.


#30FitDays has suffered a bit of a setback because my Fitbit is busted. The story of how that’s being replaced is a story for another week, because this one is utterly packed. ELO in concert on Wednesday, 3 deadline articles for Tuesday, a bunch of grown-up stuff on Thursday and Friday means I expect to be exhausted by the weekend. Today is my first session of Personal Training too, so Monday has become the pivotal focus of my active week. There’s no fun really unless stuff is happening 24/7 right now, and I’m so utterly full of stuff to do I have absolutely no excuse for either boredom or complaint.

With that? ON WITH THE DAY.