Lemon Crush

You’ve seen the gags, I don’t need to repeat anything. The inevitability of being born is that you die. When it happens to someone you know and someone you respect in short order, that’s quite painful. My husband is in Pontefract, Yorkshire today for the funeral of one of my favourite great Aunts. I only met her once, but she was kind and generous to a fault. Then, yesterday, I saw a Twitter rumour I still haven’t grasped, despite the fact it’s clearly totally and utterly true.

It’s not as big a wrench as Bowie, because he was my generation. Prince was the guy I never really understood because he was an American. However I’d be totally belittling myself if I didn’t admit how influential he was in areas of my life. The Batman soundtrack still sticks in the memory, Let’s go Crazy is probably the song that I’d pick as my seminal reminder of his influence, but mostly I’d have to respect someone who never gave a rats ass about what anybody thought and just did his own thing. That alone’s worth the column inches and remembrances.

You can brand yourself successfully, people. You can be whatever the fuck you want to be if you have enough strength of character, and are prepared to push the envelopes of creativity. Mostly, you live your life as it comes, a day at a time, and make the most of every one.


The most EPIC of side eyes will be sorely missed.

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