Waking Hours

I’ve identified at least one of the issues with my continued inability to function, and it is my sleep pattern that’s at fault. Right now, I’m not managing more than about four hours uninterrupted a night. I now have the task of identifying why, and it’s more than likely that hormones are to blame. The ups and downs I’ve been feeling emotionally and physically certainly owe a lot to a body that’s adjusting to a change in its hormonal cycles, that much is apparent. However, I can also identify some other issues, at least one which is associated with my current fiction. As a result I’ll be starting today a series of ‘process’ blogs over on the Writing/Gaming site which will explore the psychological consequences of wanting to write something with a sense of emotional accuracy.


I’ve also restarted #28FitDays as of yesterday with a better organisational plan and with rest days built into the equation. I’ll still aim to hit a step goal on those days but through normal daily behaviour and not with specific trips to the Gym or planned exercise. Hopefully that means that by the end of May (when I’m due for a five day holiday) I’ll have done enough to allow me some indulgences. Mostly this is a lovely long, uninterrupted block of time to use as a means to continue my fitness regime.

On that front, it’s time for PT today, which I’m looking forward to WAY more than I really should be. Considering last week my trainer reduced me to a wreck? I’m now wondering what is likely to get thrown at me today. I’m also going to eat breakfast down there after I’ve walked to the Gym, so as I’m now bloody starving, it might be an idea to get going…