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There are a lot of feelings this morning. Some of them are directed at a section of the British Press who appear to believe that their version of reality is somehow more correct than the one the rest of humanity ascribes to. Ironically this deliberate re-writing of actual events is something many people choose to undertake, mostly when they are unable to reconcile their fears with the facts presented. I explained it to my 11 year old this morning using another girl as the example: she tells people to ‘stop exaggerating’ as a defence mechanism. Ask her to look at her behaviour? ‘Stop exaggerating.’ Complain she refused to listen? ‘Stop exaggerating.’ 

It’s a playground method of ignoring the bigger problem. That’s you, that is.


You won’t ever live a proper life if all you do is persistently dodge the truth. Ironically now I watch companies exploiting this potential in exactly the same way: they’ll tell you to be healthy or encourage you to save the planet, whilst behind your back they’re cheating on the emissions tests and pretending they’re worthy. The reality of reality is often a complex combination of factors that even the smartest people have trouble grasping, so instead even they decide to fixate on one. Mostly, that’s where I’ve decided to stop today. I know what’s going on, I can see the stupidity and hypocrisy in so many others, and to assuage their inability to deal with what they don’t understand? You’re the problem. Yup, you who decided to stand up and challenge the assumptions made. You who spoke their mind freely and without fear.

Let’s use you as an example and show everybody else how fucking stupid you are.


I can see right through you. It doesn’t matter, however, because in the end you’re the one who loses anyway, because if you’re not out living your life as if each day were your last? If you’re not pushing and trying hard to be better? If you’re not attempting to build a better existence for EVERYBODY and not just yourself? YOU LOSE, every damn time. The thing is, you don’t realise, and the longer you continue to delude yourself that somehow your way’s the right one? That’s one more day  I don’t care. How is it that I can be like this, some people ask me. You tell people to think and be considerate and look at all the possibilities, yet when met with this kind of argument you resort to insults? Are you not simply becoming the very thing you point out as wrong?

Okay, very simply, just once and so you understand.


There comes a point in your life where, if you’re lucky, you see the whole World at once. It might be at the birth of a child, or the loss of a loved one, or in a moment when you finally understand that your life, such as it is, has a start point, and an end, and that’s your lot. Once you allow brain to fully embrace your own mortality, an awful lot changes for good. Then, you’re on a timer. You have no idea when you stop, and because of that every single moment becomes as important as every other moment, regardless of whatever else the world throws at you. When that happens, the petty is irrelevant. Your stupid issues are just that, and there becomes a need to ensure that everything, whatever it is, at least makes you feel happy. Being nice to someone when they are quite obviously lying through their teeth, or attempting to hijack you for an agenda, or simply ignoring you because you’re not relevant? Screw it. Screw you. If you’re the one who is rude to begin with? I’ll simply reflect back the shit you threw, every fucking time.

I’m not the problem.
You started this.

Deliberate, viscous anger without motive is what sections of the Internet has become famous for. I am not one of those people. You started this fight, not me. You attacked my position, because I don’t agree with YOU. So, the next time you want to make me out as the villain, go right ahead, and if you wonder why I don’t give a fuck? Well, there you go. Now you know, and I’ll be over here, not allowing you the pleasure of the passive aggressive high ground. Because no fucker gets that any more. I still get upset, but each time the potency lessens, because I simply become stronger with the knowledge that if you’re trying to attack me, I’m doing this right.

You never get to win, and I don’t care who’s right over you stupid, irrelevant Internet slapfest. I have better things to do, and so should you.

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