You, over there. Yes, you. What’s your point? I mean, why do you come here, day after day to be a part of an experience you clearly detest? You must hate it because why else would you be so negative? It must make you angry and sad because that’s the only reason you want to cause so much upset.

Oh, right. You like throwing things at people to see how they react. These are your metaphorical stones, for the public vilification of certain souls. You polish the implements first before you throw them, are ready with practised indignation should someone disagree with a viewpoint. This is your entertainment, sport, better than a gladiatorial arena because nobody really gets hurt and you’re not culpable.

I can see right through you. You don’t fool anybody, however clever you believe this deception is. The words hurt because you mean them, and desire nothing more than to trample people with whom you have neither affinity nor understanding. This is the sport, the pursuit, a fight to the death. When you silence the different and the frightening, what will you do then?

You’ll complain about the silence. You’ll argue someone else was at fault. Mostly, sitting alone, the belief will be simple, that you were right all along. Except you’re not. This is variety, this is what life is all about, and the only reason to destroy the things that are not understood?

3 thoughts on “Stop

  1. I have no idea what “titling at windmills” is … but it sounds rather bouncy (and also slightly weird). Perhaps it’s a southern thing, or somewhere where the weather is warmer ;-)


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